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Events - Countryside Ring


10:00 am to 10:30 am

Ian Summerell opens our Countryside Ring with a bang once again this year. He is a gunsmith and knife-maker by trade and a passionate shot with a huge knowledge of guns and shooting. Today he presents “A History of the Sporting Gun” with his friend and colleague Den Kurle. Together they will take you through the history of this increasingly popular pursuit from the flintlock Manton to the modern day over and under. Expect lots of big bangs as several guns from the past and present are fired. It is a joy to see and hear some fabulous old guns with black powder being fired.

***Denotes blanks being fired

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16:25 pm to 16:45 pm

Rob Collins, also known as “The Ole Hedge Creeper” hails from Somerset and has spent a lifetime in the countryside. As a countryman of the old school he is a great ambassador for field sports, agriculture and conservation and spends a great deal of time introducing youngsters to the countryside and its way of life. Today he will bring you the voices of the wild animals and birds that live in our rural areas using his own hand made calls. Come and listen to the duck, goose, fox, teal, squirrel and crow. He also has a stand in the Living Working Countryside Area where he will be more than happy to have a chat. Mike Bell makes the callers in Yorkshire and Rob tunes them.


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10:50 am to 11:30 am

We are delighted to welcome Hawkeye UK back to Frampton this year after his excellent debut in 2015, fronted by Alistair Leese, bringing the ancient art of Falconry to the modern age. The breathtaking and far reaching display contains a unique mix of raptors. Watch as the Mexican Harris Hawks love to perform their range of skills and at times two or more are flown together. The Peregrine Falcons can reach speeds of up to 242mph whilst the Icelandic Gyr Falcon gains heights of up to 1000ft above the crowd returning to earth with a dramatic swoop. It is also an opportunity to see British Barn Owls, including the rare Black Barn Owl fly silently together to children and adults in the ring. The friendly but determined little Kestrel will also be flown and last but not least…the Turkmenian Eagle Owl, with its huge 6ft wingspan will spellbind you as she glides effortlessly over the crowd in a fantastic opportunity to see this beautiful bird at close quarters. Alistair will also be demonstrating his birds in the Main Ring at 3.25pm. He has a stand in the Living Working Countryside area where you can go and see the birds and meet the team.

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15:15 pm to 15:55 pm

The Wye Valley Axemen have members from Rhayader, Llanidloes and Newtown areas, with their ages varying from sixteen to sixty.  

Since forming in 2007, the Wye Valley Axemen have been giving crowd pleasing displays at events across Mid Wales and the Borders. Contained within the displays are speed, skill and accuracy using razor sharp axes and saws as we bring to life the lumber jack techniques of years gone by. They race against each other and the clock - a truly exciting and skillful display.

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12:40 pm to 13:10 pm

A perfect opportunity to learn more about these gentle giants and their use both past and present. Cheryl and Chris Brown of the Cotswold Cart Horse Society will introduce you to these wonderful horses.

Denotes blanks being fired

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13:30 pm to 13:45 pm

Elvers have been fished from the River Severn for centuries and there is a display of the nets used in the Living Working Countryside Area. Also known as glass eels, they hatch in the seaweed-strewn Sargasso Sea, drifting across the Atlantic for nearly two years to our local rivers where they can take anything from five to fifteen years to mature into adults. They then reverse the journey made in infanthood to breed and die. In recent years elvers have become a delicacy worth more than their weight in gold due to their ever increasing scarcity. This is largely thought to be because of the difficulties the eels have in negotiating barriers and water pumps on both journeys, over fishing and the loss of habitat.  Conservationists are working to create eel-friendly exits to help them negotiate these obstacles safely. 2015 saw a bumper harvest which offers a ray of hope.


A fiercely contested elver eating competition was held annually on the Green here in Frampton for many years, but the scarcity of elvers meant it had to cease. However last year it was reinstated using an elver substitute. We continue the competition here at Frampton Country Fair and we are using the eco-friendly Spanish alternative Surimi

If you would like to be a competitor in this event please register at the Countryside Ring 10 minutes before the start of each heat. 


The winners:

1st Place - Paul Dalby 

2nd Place - Charlie Donaldson

3rd Place -  Jane Smedley

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13:25 pm to 13:55 pm

Avon Valley Ferrets is a husband and wife team, Paul and Camilla Pountain, who are based on Salisbury Plain and are passionately dedicated to the welfare and well being of ferrets and polecats. Their main objectives are to educate people and promote all aspects of welfare of these much maligned and little known about creatures. Today they will be demonstrating the traditional method of making and setting nets for rabbit control within the countryside. They do have a stand in the Living Working Countryside area and are more than happy to talk to you about their ferrets and polecats and offer advice.

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13:55 pm to 14:25 pm

Den Kurle, our fabulous commentator and James Green, from BASC take you on a journey about the rights and wrongs of handling a shotgun. Both of them have been shooting for most of their lives and you couldn’t be in safer hands – as long as you are with Mr Right. You don’t want to be anywhere near Mr Wrong! They will have their faithful four-legged companion Rees with them, who knows all about Mr Wrong and will be wearing his bullet proof vest!  Although this is done in a light-hearted manner the message is very serious and clear. Guns need to be treated and handled with respect.

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15:50 pm to 16:20 pm

This is a great opportunity to see a large range of working dogs. From Hounds and Retrievers to Spaniels. There will be a large range of breeds to look at so come and learn more about them.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Ritesure Rural Insurance Solutions

12:45 pm to 13:15 pm

The displays are educational, as Bob demonstrates his unique training methods, but are also great fun for the children, as he invites them into the arena whilst the dogs work the ducks around an obstacle course. (Look out for Bob's special guest "Paxo" !!!)

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10:30 am to 11:00 am

The Working Clumber Spaniel Society was formed in 1984 by a group of enthusiast’s keen to restore the breed to a position of respect in the shooting field. Over 30 years of selective breeding, training and focus has produced the modern working Clumber which now closely resembles the original agile sporting spaniel prized by the Victorian sportsmen for their outstanding scenting abilities and tireless work rate.

Growing to over 400 enthusiastic members, the Society is very active. A packed programme sees field training, working tests, field trials, game fair appearances and some fabulous shooting days. The dedicated work of the Society is now bearing fruit for the breed which is increasingly being seen on shooting fields being worked confidently alongside springer and cocker spaniels.    

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